Dr. Federico Massari

Federico, graduated in March 2005 in the University of Milan. In 2007 started the performing program of European College of Veterinary Surgeons  and in 2013 became a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Surgery. Since 2018 is GPCert (SASTS).

Since 2009 he was speaker and instructor for national and international conferences and courses. He has publications on national and international indexed magazines. He is Author of chapter on soft tissue surgery and skin plasty reconstruction. Since 2011 is in the Credential Committee of the Italian Veterinary Surgery Society (SCVI) and become president since 2017-2022. He is member of the Credential Committee of the  Veterinary Italian Cultural Society (SCIVAC) since 2016 and become president in 2022. He is also Vice President of the Italian Society of Mininvasive Surgery (SICMIV) and will be president in the late 2022.

Since 2006 he work at the Clinica Veterinaria of Nerviano with particular interest for Soft tissue, Oncologic and Mininvasive Surgery. He was Assistant Professor at the Zurich University in 2018-2019.

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