Terms and conditions

By submitting registration or booking forms to Veteducation.vet or by contacting veteducation.vet via e-mail, post, phone or social media, participants accept the Veteducation.vet “Terms and Conditions” as defined below and agree to our privacy policy. Veteducation.vet may regularly change, amend, add or remove any of the terms without prior notice. These Terms and Conditions apply to all clients and cooperation partners.

Registrations and Payments

Registration Fee to a course includes the participation to the course, lunch and coffee breaks and access to course materials.

The registration fee does not include accommodation or any types of travel costs nor taxi transfers.

All fees must be paid in full in advance, according to the deadlines provided on the registration form. Veteducation.vet accepts payments by bank transfer (all transfer charges must be met by the sender) or credit cards (Visa and MasterCard).

As the number of participants per course is limited, applications are registered according to the order in which full payment is received.

Veteducation.vet reserves the right to decline a registration without further explanation.

A deposit or a partial payment does not count as a valid registration.

For each registration, a confirmation will be sent by veteducation.vet. Please contact the office at if you did not receive your confirmation.

For each registration, a confirmation will be sent by veteducation.vet. Please contact the office at if you did not receive your confirmation.

Cancellation policy

  • General cancellation policy

After receiving the full payment, a cancellation made up to 8 weeks to the event, will incur an administrative fee amounting to 50 Euro. Cancellations made less than 8 weeks prior to the event are entitled to a refund of 50% of the fee paid. A no-show or cancellation during the event are non-refundable.

Registration fees will be fully reimbursed if a course is cancelled by Veteducation.vet. No further claim can be raised thereafter by the participant. Veteducation.vet refunds only registration fees and does not reimburse expenses for travel arrangements made by participants. For this reason, veteducation.vet recommends that participants purchase travel insurance to cover costs arising from unexpected events such as sickness, strikes or other circumstances that may prevent participation. Please check conditions with your insurance company.

All veteducation.vet events’ dates, locations and structure are subject to change up to 8 weeks prior to their start.

  • Cancellations due to the current pandemic situation

Whenever, due to the pandemic situation, your participation to the course is going to be impaired, please contact the office immediately. Veteducation.vet will do its best to accommodate and offer some alternative. If the office is not informed the standard cancellation policy will apply.

Individual insurance

Veteducation.vet does not provide individual insurance for participants. It is the responsibility of participants to have valid health insurance or another suitable travel insurance policy.


Only authorized users are permitted to use the veteducation google drive platform. Sharing access to the google drive platform is not permitted. All teaching material is the property of the Veteducation.vet and the respective course masters. They are protected by Copyright and intellectual property laws. The reproduction,  transmission and use for education of the materials, in the whole or in part, is not permitted without the prior written consent of the copyright holder. Participants may not distribute any copies to third parties.

Video or audio recordings during the event by the participant is not permitted.


In case of dispute, please refer to the EU online dispute resolution https://entreprendre.service-public.fr/vosdroits/R48100?lang=en


Payment of the registration fees confirms that the applicant understands and agrees with the above Terms and Conditions.

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