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Advanced reconstructive surgery: Surgical oncology applied to skin and subcutaneous tumors

June 30 -
July 2, 2024
Advanced reconstruction techniques
surgical oncology
Tumour biology relevant to the oncologic surgeon

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About this course

Introductory words from the program director

The first module of our Surgical Oncology Modular Course focuses on the management of cutaneous and subcutaneous tumors. Many of these tumors can be cured by surgery, provided their biology is understood well, and surgery is well planned and executed. Success often solely depends on choosing the appropriate dose of surgery and being able to reconstruct the resulting defects. I am delighted to have Julius Liptak, who needs no introduction, join me to give this masterclass. Julius undeniably is one of the most eminent and experienced veterinary surgical oncologists on the planet and I know we will all learn enormously from him. My friend Manuel Jimenez-pelaez who also has a huge experience in reconstructive surgery will join our group of course masters.

Laurent Findji


Target audience

This exclusive masterclass is specifically tailored for diplomates, specialists, experienced surgeons, and residents who already possess some foundation in the field of  oncology. In order to fully engage in the masterclass, participants are required to possess a good understanding of fundamental reconstruction techniques. The focus of the masterclass will revolve around exploring and delving into advanced techniques and engaging in in-depth discussions.

Aims/learning outcomes

This module will aim at elevating the surgical oncology skills of surgeons. Its contents will be tailored to participants, from reviewing fundamentals, where needed, to the most advanced considerations and techniques. Our aim is to equip each participant with up-to-date knowledge and practical skills that can be immediately applied to enhance practice and improve outcomes.

Upon completion of this expert session, attendees will acquire comprehensive proficiency in the latest principles of surgical oncology. Moreover, they will develop the ability to meticulously devise appropriate treatment strategies for cutaneous and subcutaneous tumors. Additionally, participants will gain the expertise to proficiently execute advanced resections and reconstructions specifically tailored for these tumors.


It is recommended to have booked the webinars module before entering the masterclass.

This masterclass offers one and half day of wet labs and one and half day of lectures and interactive case discussions.



Hotel and travel recommendations are provided by our local organizer: Consultia business travel C/ San Antonio, 40 46910 · Sedaví – Valencia

Location details:

The first day of the masterclass (June 30th) will be held at Hotel Catalonia Excelsior (special rooms’ rates for participants) C/ de la Barcelonina, 5, Ciutat Vella, 46002 València, Valencia, Espagne

The wet-labs days (July 1st and 2nd) will be held at Hospital Veterinario de la Universidad Católica de Valencia,, Av. de Pérez Galdós, 51, 46018 València, Spain


Masterclass fees: 2990 € excl. VAT. (see pre-registration form for VAT details and payment)

The fees include the onsite lectures, wet-labs, coffee-breaks, lunches, welcome drink and social dinner. Hotel costs are not included.

Register by filling up the registration form provided by our local organizer Consultia business travel

C/ San Antonio, 40 46910 · Sedaví – Valencia

Additional informations

If you decide to book this masterclass, we recommend you to also book the extra-module webinar.


For this Masterclass, we are happily supported by Sterilux.

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